Posted on 05 March 2017

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I bought the Isuzu in 2014. The UK model is a 6-speed, 2.5L twin-turbo diesel. I've made a few modest modifications:

  • 16" Silverline wheels and BFG-AT tyres.
  • +2" rear shackles
  • Bedslide
  • Canopy - AutoStyling
  • Auxilliary battery and CTEK charger
  • Peformance Chip

I dumped running boards too, they just get in the way. And that annoying bong-bong from behind the dashboard whenever you open the door, leave the lights on etc. is easily disabled.

Isuzu pic

I've done about 35,000 miles so far and nothing has gone wrong or fallen off. It's a good "general purpose" truck that doesn't try to be flash, with the exception of the daft low-range selection knob.

I will miss the bedslide and the tailgate, they're really useful.