Posted on 06 March 2017

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So having decided to move on from the tents, I considered the following options:

  • Trailer tent allows us to generally bring more stuff, and you can unhitch it after setting it up, but I'm sure the trailer will soon become a ball and chain. it does not offer much advantage over the roof tents. Let's discount that.
  • 4x4 caravans - wow, some of these are awesome if a bit pricey for a trip once or twice a year. Cosy and practical though they are, I'm still not keen on pulling anything behind. Pulling into any car park will cause problems given the Isuzu is already over 5m long.

Conqueror caravan
- Pick-up campers offer caravan-like luxury without the need to pull a caravan. Again a bit pricey off-the-shelf, and perhaps a bit heavy. What puts my off the pick-up camper is that the those capable of sleeping four are just big. Two-berthers like the Gazell look up to the job, but anything bigger? I'd not feel confident taking the larger models off-road.
Gazell camper
- Slide-on campers like the Wedgetail and Trayon are inspiring. Compact enough to fit on the back of my dual-cab, yet quickly fold out to provide sleeping for four with inside and outside cooking. These tick all the boxes with a few minor drawbacks: cost, and require a Ute tray.
Trayon camper

Putting an Aussie-style Ute tray on the back utilises space quite well. The area between the wheels could be used for a drawer or auxilliary tank. However, aluminium trays are rare in the UK and a conversion all adds to the cost. So what to do? Make a tray and buy a Slide-on? Or vice-versa?