Posted on 07 March 2017

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Quite a few people have been interested in this rack I made in 2015. The reason for making it was that I needed something big enough for two tents and four people. Normally you'd fit two racks (one over the cab and another over the canopy) as chassis is designed to flex slightly. This flexing puts strain on the racks mounting points, so I designed this rack to sit on rubber mountings.


I made the rack from 10swg aluminium square tube in 2x1" and 1x1" sections. I got all the materials from Metals4U. It needed to be 100" in length to hold both tents.


The rack sat on 16 rubber bobbins. These provided enough flexibility so that the rack, cabin and canopy would not be under strain. Each is a 40x40mm Female-Female Bobbin that will take 31kg. I got these from AV Industrial Products.


The existing roof-rail mounts were used. The bracket I made from a strip of steel I bought from B&Q, heated with the TIG welder and bent in a vice.


Added a brace inside the canopy and bolted it to the bed so it could take more weight.


The rack is just 2 inches high.


Sprayed satin black and christened the D-RAX - a play on the model name. I made the sticker on an injet printer but it soon faded! The extra vertical brackets were for the awning to bolt onto.


Testing it all out. No squeaks, rattles or whistles - phew!


Tents and awning packed. This was a 2300 mile trip around the French and Italian Alps.