Posted on 15 April 2017

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Here's a first pass at a frame design based on an area of 1800x1800mm using 25mm box section aluminium tube. A few things still need attention, such as the entry height and roof construction - I need to test out the materials before settling on those - but things like workspace, seating, tables and storage are just about there.


I'll share the Sketchup model when it's done, but here are some of the details.

This is the left side as you walk in, behind the cab. This is where I wanted the heaviest items. From the top, on the right is the worktop with an area roughly where the sink will go. The left part of the worktop is removable to reveal the cooker (a regular CampingGaz two-burner). The slot below is where the removable top goes when not in use together with a cushion which is used with the removable top to make the surface a 6 ft bed.


Below that is where the fridge goes. I tried to get my old 40L Engel in there, but the hinged top wastes too much space. I'll have to bite the bullet an get a front-opening fridge.

The centre section is three cupboards. Keeping it simple, each will contain a plasic box or basket in which items - such as food - will be kept. The bottom one will be parially filled with a deep-cycle battery, plus the water tank which spans over to the corner section. The far corner is probably where the gas bottle will go too.

On the right-hand side, there's double seating at the end.


Then a metre-long table which is the same width as the distance between the front and back seats. I should be able to put the table on rails between the seats to make a second 6ft bed (4 in all). The box below the table is where the table and extra "sleeping" cushion may be kept when not in use.

A few things missing from the drawing, but I kept it bare while still moving things about.

I think the biggest headaches are still to come. The entry height is just 1050mm - not great - but will address that later. Another is ensuring no water gets in. If driving in heavy rain, the front edge of the camper will be blasted with water. I'm not certain that an 1800mm strip of neoprene will be 100% reliable? Behind that seal will be the matress and bedding and that will soak up leaks like a sponge - no one will want to sleep on that! Oh well, another problem for the back-burner.

Next, get in some material.