Posted on 01 May 2017

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Still building the main frame of the camper. It's taking shape and at the point where I'm getting a better perspective of space and how it's being divided up. I've stuck with the plan with just a few minor modifications.

Camper Frame

Looking in from the entrance door

  • I made the centre draw the biggest for some reason, so swapped that with the bottom draw
  • Took out the box section on the floor of the entrance. Which seemed a good idea at the time (gaining 25mm entry height) but may need to reinforce the area now as the door hinge will be fitted along this edge.

I used six 50x25mm lengths channel under the floor to allow forklift access and drawers if needed. I would have preferred a Z-section extrusion here as it would have allowed me to support the frame directly and be east to rivet. But I could not find any the correct size, so C-section (channel) it had to be.

The floor itself is 3mm Alu-Panel (Dibond). It gives just a little with my weight, but not much so no ply needed there.

The Alu-Panel looks gorgeous and nice to work with. It cuts easy and leaves little burr. On the panels I received (from Bay Plastics) one side is matt, one gloss. The glossy side I'm using for outward-facing panels. I've not tried folding it yet, but it seems so versatile I'll probably use it for the drawers too.

Camper Frame

The non-door/drawer panels are held in place with simple aluminium angle and rivet

Camper Frame

The frame needs to get one section higher but I underestimated the amount of 25mm box tube needed, so waiting for a new delivery.

In the mean time, and not ever having a caravan or motorhome before, I'm having to learn about the water tanks, pumps, pipes etc., which throws up a shedload of questions like how much water do I need? Does it pump on-demand? Do I need a grey water tank? Hot water?

Next: Finish the frame, hopefully!