Posted on 07 May 2017

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The box-tube arrived so I was able to complete the frame this week. It's coming along OK and could not resist making some cupboard fronts, using up the rest of the Alu-Panel until the next delivery comes through.

Frame Completed

I spent a lot of time looking for some simple flush fitting door catches. I settled on the Southco M1-61 which are suitable for thin panels (2-7mm). I got mine from Coastal Rides who supplied a pack of 10. The plastic hinges are from Amazon and contrast nice with the white panels

Door Catches

Doors are thin, but light. The catches pull-to-open with a finger

Water and waste

While waiting for more Alu-Panel I've been looking at water tanks, pumps and plumbing.


It looks like I'll need two tanks - one for fresh water, one for sink drainage. I was thinking of 2x45L initially, but given the majority of our water is for coffee and cooking I upped the fresh tank to 60L, which mounted on it's side stands 800mm tall, 400mm wide and 200mm deep. That's a lot of coffee, but the bulk is nicely tucked away there and still leaves around 350mm of space behind the cupboard doors.

Water Tanks

I got the fresh tank from Caraparts and it includes the filler pipe, breather and cap. The 45L "grey" tank I got from Grasshopper Leisure. The box to the right of the fresh tank is the battery.

Sink and Pump

Given its popularity and good reviews I went for the Shurflo Trailking 7 water pump.

Shurflo Water Pump

The sink needed to have a cover as the worktop will double as a bed. A drainer is not necessary so I went for the Smev 8005. The tap for this sink had a microswitch for turning on the pump, but not sure if it'll be needed given the pump has a pressure switch?

Together with a bunch of hoses and fittings that might do the job. This part is a bit seat-of-pants for me. Whether I need accumilators, breathers etc., I have no idea. I suppose I'll find out soon!

Next: Fit the external walls.