Posted on 16 May 2017

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I've not been able to work on the camper much this week, but I've made the outside panels and fitted the back and one of the sides. This involved more work than planned as each panel needs folding over the top of the frame.

Folding Panel 1

This requires routing two "V"'s into each panel to allow the panel to fold. It needs to be accurate. I found (to my cost) that if you don't go deep enough the fold will not bend 90 degrees. Forcing it will split the aluminium skin. Too deep of course means you break through.

Folding Panel 2

Having done it a few times now, I start with the bit right on the line and slide the guide (a length of angle) up to the router at both ends. The line needs to be positioned the tickness of the panel over the required length to take account of the width of the "V". Give the guide a squirt of WD40 so it all slides easily.

If possible, get a vacuum cleaner to clean up the swarf as you go. It's OK to make a number of passes to get the depth right.

Folding Panel 3

Once done, make a second cut 25mm + 3mm from the edge of the first "V". If all goes well you should be able to gently fold it over a length of box or channel.

Folding Panel 4

I'd recommend to practice on some off-cuts first ;-)

They're riveted in place, but the bottom and side angles are still in progress. As you can see below I'm running out of vertical space! The good news is I've sold the trailer so I'll gain some welcome space tomorrow. So how to now get if off the trailer...?

Folding Panel 5

Time to start thinking of some graphics or decals

Next: Continue on the external walls.