Posted on 22 May 2017

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A guy came over from Sevenoaks on Wednesday to pick up the trailer. Now it's gone I've reclaimed a load of space so working on the camper is a bit more comfortable. The sides are on now except for the front-facing (cab) side where the plumbing and electrics are. The entrance door and lid also need to be done, but I've decided to concentrate on the plumbing and electrics, just for a change.

Camper quarter view

I've put in the water tanks, but the decision to put the 60L fresh water tank upright has made for a shallow angle for filling. Testing it out with a container of water, it's hard to use without a funnel. So that may need rework.

In fact there are a number of things I'd do differently if starting from scratch.

  1. One would be fixing the "infill" panels in the aluminium frame.
    Infill panel fixing
    OK, the small rivetted brackets work, but it would have been simpler, stronger and better looking to have folded the panel edges 90 degrees and rivetted them directly to the frame.

  2. That water filler. I wished I'd done this last. It's fitted on the offside wall and horizontally facing. So when filling with water, much of it spils and dribbles down the panel. It would have been better mounted at an angle, perhaps behind a small door.

Anyway, back to reality, I've made a start with the electrics. Power from the battery goes through a 30A fuse then on to an isolator switch (not fitted in pic below). From there it splits to the fuse box and charger. I've left space for an inverter. There will be a door covering these components with switches for the pump, USB sockets, etc.

Fuse Box

Here's the uncovered side. The fresh water tank is done, the waste tank in position but not yet plumbed in. You can see the pump in there too. The remaining space will be filled with a gas bottle (orange pipe).

Water Tanks

Thats it for now. Lots more plumbing and electrics to do.