Posted on 29 May 2017

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Bank Holiday this weekend. A great excuse to hide away in the garage away from the kids and work on the camper 😉

Worktop and Seats

Lots of odds-and-ends have been done like water piping, wiring and fusebox. But also jobs that add a bit of colour: seating and worktop. Good thing too as it's looking less like a walk-in freezer now.

Seats and Backs

we went into a Dunelm store on Saturday and bought 5 pieces of 2" foam and 5m of material. On the way back we went into Wickes DIY store and bought an 8'x4' sheet of 6mm plywood. Doing the backs first, it was just a matter of measuring between the box-tubing and cutting the ply so that it slots inside. Cut the ply about 2mm smaller to allow for the material thickness.

A kitchen knife easily cut the foam, which was then glued to the ply. The material can then be wrapped around, and stapled.

Making Seats

The larger of the two seat bases


This is the second attempt at the worktop. Initially I bought one on impulse from B&Q, but soon regretted it due to it's weight. Even after an hour with an electric plane it was clear it was not going to work out.

Worktop finish

After much searching around I went for an Ikea cover panel. These are panels you'd normally put on the side of your Ikea cupboard to match the fronts. They're 2200x620mm, 15mm thick - ideal. I went for the "Hyttan" which looks great (like sawn oak!) and has a nice textured surface.


I cut it twice, the large piece first where the cupboards and sink are, making sure the "finished" edge was on the left. The second piece is removable so the cooker can be used and the finished edge on the right.


Next was the delicate task of cutting a hole for the sink. Position it upside down on the worktop and pencil the outline. I went for a roughly 45 degree angle position in the corner. Then measured 10mm in from there and pencilled a second line as a cutting guide.

Sink Cutout

After checking and double-ckecking below for pipes etc., I cut out with a jig-saw.

I went for a Smev 8005 sink with a mixer tap from Jacksons Leisure Supplies. I've not fitted a water heater yet - perhaps later. But fitting a hot/cold tap now just in case.

Sink Plumbed

Cold or cold water

I need to get the final side panel on. But doing so will seal off access to the corner where the gas bottle is. I've been making enquiries about door frames and access doors but no replies yet. The last resort will be some Thetford Doors you see on caravans but they're plastic and not be best looking. Keep searching ...

Next: Doors and electrics.