Posted on 04 June 2017

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I finally got a response from a company that makes aluminium radius doors: VWC up in Castleford. They can make these in any size you need. I went for two 352mm x 540mm lockers. One for the gas bottle, one to the right of the entrance door. Looking forward to receiving those!

On the camper this week I finished off the internal doors and nearly all the infils.

Drawer Panels

But this time folding the edges instead of using angled brackets. It takes a bit longer, but as I mentiioned last week it makes for a neater and stronger panel. If I have any Alu-panel left over I'll re-make the other doors this way.

Folded Infil Panel

Folded infil panel, rivitted to the box-secion. Must remember to remove the marker lines!

Other doors added were for access to the area to the left of the sink, plus a removable panel to mount a USB charger and other sockets. I had some coloured switches for the water pump and 240V socket, but they looked naff so will get replacements for those.

Folded Draw

The sockets are wired to the fusebox and the new door there covers that area.

Fuse Cupboard

I also tidied up the area around the cooker, ready for fixing that in and plumbing in the gas.

Next task, the cooker needs to fit in a way that it won't fall on the floor when travelling, yet be able to be removed and used outdoors when the sun is out.