Posted on 13 June 2017

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With the sunny weather we've had here at the weekend I was obliged to to take the kids out and tame the garden. Between all the mowing and strimming I managed to make some progress on the camper.

Testing the plumbing revealed a small leak in the waste water tank, so that was fixed with a larger seal at the waste tap. The quick-release connector for the cooker was fitted and a couple of anchor points so that the cooker itself won't move about when travelling.

Cooker Connector

Ye Olde Camping Stove

At the back is a quick-release connector so that the cooker can be used outside.

Some worktop lights. I dismantled the frame and drilled through the connectors so that the wiring is hidden away. I then took a feed from the fusebox and connected it all to a switch with the other electrics.

Worktop Lights

A 240V outlet. I'll connect that to the inverter I bought a couple of years ago (if I can find it!).

Switches and plugs

To do...

All these jobs needed doing, but I'm aware of the 3 big items that still need doing. Here's where I am with those:

  • The lid of the camper. I'm waiting for a delivery of 25x50mm box tube to make the lid. Should be here in the next few days.
  • The tent which will sit on the base of the camper. I've been thinking about getting this done professionally to save time (and do a better job than me for sure) but finding people is proving quite a challenge. But as nothing depends on the tent it's logically last thing I need to make.
  • The front door I'm prototyping with bits of cardboard at the moment. The problem I found here is that I can't put the steps on the inside of the door. If I do, then there'll be no room to open the fridge when the door is closed - doh! So the steps will have to protrude outside. More on that next week.