Posted on 20 June 2017

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Fathers Day weekend, a perfect excuse to hide away in the garage! Not too not comfortable given it's about 35C in there even with the doors open!

I mentioned the door last week and spent some time designing that. This will open from the top and have a piano hinge at the bottom. The door also functions as a ladder, which will be necessary given the camper will be about 1m above the ground when on the back of the truck.

It was at this time I realised that the door would foul the lid of the camper when opened unless I reduced it's height by another 25mm - making it more difficult to get in and out. So to keep the door height I went back to Plan A which was to make the lid from 25mm box tubing. And hope it'll be strong enough. Here's how that went.

Making the Lid

To make it as stiff as possible I marked out the Alupanel so that it wraps the 25mm tube entirely. It's a tricky thing measure, so I made a simple test piece to ensure it wraps the tube completely. A worthwhile "sanity check" as mistakes will be difficult to rectify.

Folding Template

I then used that as a template to mark it out the three sides (the panels are 1220mm so I'll need two of these to cover 1800mm of width).

Mark Out Lid

Once the routing is done and the corners cut it was ready to fold over the frame of the lid. This one is the smaller second side.

Folding the Edges

There will be 50x50x3mm angle riveted along three sides. The edge sits below the seal in the hope it will reduce potential water ingress. I'll need to trim that corner below to make room for the hinge.

So it's half done. As well as the angles to do, there will be 4 or 5 lengths of aluminium channel across the top. That should be stiff enough to hold two people and bedding. I can't actually fit the lid yet, as there's not enough space in the garage to swing it open. When the base is done I'll move it elsewhere with more space.

More work on the lid to do.