Posted on 07 July 2017

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I had to spend some family time away last week, so little got done on the camper. The good news though is that the doors and fridge have arrived, so plently to keep me busy. Here's where I'm at:

The channel-section aluminium I bought to strengthen the lid of the camper (so it could support 2 people) proved too flexible when weight was applied. I doubled the size to 75x50mm (3"x2") and rivetted two lengths these across the top. You can stand on this now without fear of falling through!

Lid 1

Another advantage is that there will be plenty of room for the supporting legs that will extend to the floor when the lid is opened.

Lid 2

So that's the lid completed, apart from:

  • A long hinge will be fitted to the front, but again I don't have the room to fit that right now.
  • The lid will require a couple of supporting legs when opened.

Dispite all the aluminium components the lid is a bit heavier than expected. SGS Engineering do some neat gas struts that should make it easier to open and close.

SGS Gas Struts

But lets get the base finished first. Next: fit the access doors.