Posted on 16 July 2017

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The access doors finally arrived from VWC. They look good and are well made.

But disaster struck when I fitted the first door, when for some reason I cut a square hole to fit a rounded shape 🙄. This and other howlers I'll add to a separate post of how not to do it!

After marking it out properly (the second door) and cutting the hole with a jigsaw the next problem is fixing it in. The door is close to the frame top and bottom, but not close enough to rivet to it. Luckily however there is a 6mm groove around the edge, enough to slide a piece of ply and lock it in place.

Access Door 1

I used a glue gun to cement them in. The finished result looks pretty neat.

Access Door 2


I had mixed feelings about buying this as I already have a traditional 40L Engel. I thought a lot about how to fit it, but the top-mounted lid made it difficult to fit without sacrificing a lot of space and eventually went to for the lazy option.

I opted for an Engel SB47F from MPS Trading. They're a bit pricey, but I can really vouch for these fridges. Not only do they draw little power, but I've pull out iced water from mine in 45C heat. I bought it in 2002 (the 40th Anniversary Edition) and still going strong.

The new one sits on four rubber feet, and has some drilled plates on the sides to fix the position. First I put a flat base (with a length of box section across the middle).

Fridge 1

Next, some 2" angle rivetted on both sides of the opening, positioned to reach the holes of the plates on the sides of the fridge.

Fridge 2

With it finally in place... I now wished I went for a 65L - doh! The good thing is I can still access this space (from the top). But still I'd have preferred the extra fridge space.

Fridge 3

The standard door infil is a bit "feaux wood" but can be changed.

Fridge 4

I had a couple of wires prepared from the fusebox, the additional supply was for a light.

Fridge 5

Next ... the front door and latch. Once the door is on (i.e. rainproof) I can move it all outside to fit the lid and tent sections.